Class Description

Toddler Yoga (2 - 3 Years Old)

Classes are full of fun and imagination! One week we might go under the sea, the next week we will go explore the safari of Africa. For this age group, yoga classes focus on keeping little imagination in gear, in a world filled with TVs, iPads and computer games. Sometimes it is just refreshing to just let our imagination run wild! We will also be singing silly songs and storytelling with interactive puppets.

Kids Yoga (3 - 8 Years Old)

Begin to introduce the idea of yoga practice and its benefits for our body and minds. We use games, stories and imagination to practice our yoga poses, which improve kids' strength, flexibility and balance. Yoga classes also includes breathing exercises and relaxation methods and give children tools they can use to cope with stress and regulate emotions. Resilient to life's challenges!

Under 3 Years Old - One Adult Accompanied

Over 3 Years Old - Independently

Our Toddler and Kids yoga class is one hour long, 40 mintues of yoga and the remaing 20 minutes will be healthy cooking in our child friendly kitchen.

Make Up Class Policy

We offer 3 make-up classes per term. Only classes missed with prior notice (2 hours before class starts) are eligible for make-up class.

Adverse Weather Policy

We will be closed when a black rainstorm or typhoon signal number 8 and higher is hoisted.

Classes will resume 2 hours after such warnings are lowered or removed.